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D-Link DKVM-2K 2-Port Keyboard-Video-Mouse Switch with 2 Built-in Cables

Key Features
KVM Switch
Mini KVM Switch Kit for 2 PCs
Includes KVM Switch and 2 Sets of Built-in Cables

The DKVM-2K 2-port mini KVM switch kit is a cost effective kit for home and office users. This kit allows you to easily control 2
different PCs from a single set of keyboard , mouse , and VGA monitor. It includes a 2-port KVM (Keyboard, Video and Mouse)
switch and 2 sets of built-in cables for ready connection to 2 PCs. The switch provides many easy to use features and is perfect for
home and small businesses.
Cost-effective for PC Users
If you have 2 PCs and need to use them at the same time, the
DKVM-2K saves you the money and space by allowing you
to control your 2 computers from a set of keyboard, monitor
and mouse. Or, you may have a better, bigger monitor and
want to connect both PCs to it, the DKVM-2K allows you to
do this. 2 sets of cables are attached to the KVM switch ready
for use, dispensing you of the need to prepare separate cables
and connect them to the switch.
Versatile Functions
Status Save and High Resolution Support
The DKVM-2K utilizes advanced microprocessor emulation
to intelligently manage each KVM port. This allows
simultaneous boot-up of all attached PCs. Autoscan, audible
feedback, and keyboard "Hot Keys" make the DKVM-2K
simple to use and manage. There is also a control button
located on the front panel that allows you to switch between
the PCs.
The DKVM-2K supports VGA, SVGA, and MultiSync
monitors at up to 2048 x 1536 resolution at 72Hz refresh rate.
Support for Microsoft IntelliMouse is provided.
Allows control of 2 computers using 1 set of keyboard,
monitor and mouse
Saves desktop space, cost
Auto scan mode sequences through PCs
Audible feedback for confirmation while switching
between PCs
Front panel LED indicators for selected PC
Switching between PCs using front panel SELECT button
or Hot Key command
Supports SVGA, VGA, and multi-sync monitors
Video resolutions up to 2048 1536
Successfully tested with following mice: Microsoft
IntelliMouse, IntelliMouse with IntelliEye, and
IntelliMouse Explorer, Logitech FirstMouse+, Ligitech
Built-in KVM Cable
Built-in KVM Cable

Technical Specifications
KVM Switch
Console Connectors
(connect to keyboard, mouse, monitor)
- Keyboard connector: mini DIN-6 PIN female
- Mouse connector: mini DIN-6 PIN female- Monitor connector: HD 15 PIN female
KVM Cables With Connectors
(connect to computers)
 2 cables each 1.8 meter (6 feet) long attached to KVM switch
- 2 keyboard connectors: mini DIN-6 PIN male
- 2 mouse connectors: mini DIN-6 PIN male
- 2 monitor connectors: HD 15 PIN male
Diagnostic LEDs
- 2 port LEDs for 2 connected PCs
- A lit (green) status indicates the port is active
PC Selection
(Manually switching back and forth between 2 PCs)
- Through Push buttons
- Through Hot Key
- Switching confirmation: buzzer sound
Power Voltage
5V 1A
Power Input
From PC's PS2 port, no power adapter required
Power Consumption
5V 70mA
104 x 62 x 28 mm (KVM switch only)
420 grams (KVM switch & 2 sets of KVM cables)
Operating Temperature
0 to 40 C
Storage Temperature
-20 to 60 C
Operating Humidy
0% to 80%
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