CLUB3D CSV-5300MST Multi Stream

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CLUB3D CSV-5300MST Multi Stream

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Multi Stream Transport (MST) Hub
DisplayPort™ 1.2 Triple Monitor
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Display devices have always been a key part of the PC experience. PC Gamers
want a more immersive experience and Professionals seek more desktop space
to run apps side by side and increase their productivity. The easiest solution is
to add multiple Monitors to an existing Laptop or Desktop PC. The SenseVi-
sion MST Hub DisplayPort 1.2 Triple Monitor utilizes Multi Stream Transport, a
unique DisplayPort™ 1.2 feature, to split a single DP 1.2 signal into three Display-
Port™ outputs. This enables Three Full HD Displays to be driven independently
from one DisplayPort™ 1.2 output on the source device. With multiple Monitors,
games become more immersive, workstations become more useful and you be-
come more productive.
Note: When using a DisplayPort 1.1 video card the MST hub will act as a splitter,
automatically mirroring your video source across all displays.

• Compliant with: DisplayPort™ v1.2a DisplayPort™ v1.1a VESA DDM
Standard HDCP V2.0, DisplayID and EDID V1.4 Standard
• Supports main link rates of 5.4Gbps (HBR2), 2.7Gbps (HBR) and
(1.62Gbps RBR) from source
• Supports Dual Mode DisplayPort™ (DP++) x 3 which allows the use
of DVI or HDMI™ Monitors via passive Adapters
• Supported output resolutions: up to 3840x2160p @ 60Hz for Single
Monitor, up to 2560X1600p @ 60Hz for Dual Monitors and up to
1920x1080p @ 60 for Three Monitors
• Input pixel data depth 6/8/10/12 bits and supports output pixel
format RGB444
Supports AMD Eyefinity
• Including Mini DisplayPort™ to DisplayPort™ adapter for max
compatibility (with Intel NUC, MS Surface Pro & other platforms)
• Works with AMD, Nvidia and Intel Graphics solutions
• Works with Windows 10, 8.1 and 7
MultiStreamTransport(MST)HubDisplayPort™ 1.2TripleMonitor
OS Support:

Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 7
Other info:
Box size: 265 x 168 x 81 mm
Hub size: 78 x 60 x 18 mm
• Cable Length: 140 mm
Weight: 120 gr.
In the box:
• Multi Stream Transport (MST) Hub DisplayPort™ 1.2 Triple Monitor
• CAC-1110 Mini DisplayPort™ to DisplayPort™ Adapter
Power Supply 2.5 Watt ( 5V 0.5 Amp )
Quick install guide
• 1x DisplayPort™ 1.2 Male
• 1x DC 5v Female
• 3x DisplayPort™ 1.2
(DP++) Female
Note: Some Notebooks and Tablets have Integrated Graphics Chips which do not
support more than 3 screens in total.

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